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Tomi Lahren didn’t hesitate to voice her opinion on the Megan Rapinoe phenomenon via twitter, and it turns out that opinion was shared by many as the tweet went viral.This comes around Rapinoe’s remarks towards Trump, that she wouldn’t “go to the f—- white house”

Tomi’s words for Rapinoe are brutal, take a look at the tweet below.

“You don’t have to like @realDonaldTrump but when you have a giant “USA” on your back, you represent this country and ALL Americans. @mPinoe you’re not a hero, you’re a virtue-signaling soccer player with a chip on her shoulder and an attitude problem. Get over yourself.” She tweeted.

On the night of the incredible victory by the U.S. Women’s Soccer team, Kelley O’Hara, one of the players, was quick to rush in to save the American flag from being trampled as the soccer stars dropped it for their celebratory dance.

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Watch the video:

Some people on twitter rushed to celebrate Kelley O’Hara for saving the flag instead.

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“Yes, thank you Kelley for being one of the few members of the team who isn’t a disgusting un-American pig. Can’t say as much for some of your teammates who are more concerned about expressing their hatred for America than anything else.”

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  1. Megan Rapinoe – I’m totally embarrassed by your behavior. You are REPRESENTING our great country – on the world stage and you act like a child! Shameful!

    I don’t care what your political views are … I don’t agree with everything that is going on, and in my lifetime, have not always agreed with the direction the country was going – but 100% of the time I would have stood up and RESPECTED the flag ***AND*** my country.

  2. She’s a above average soccer player who if she wasn’t in America’s team. No one would know her. Why do the gay people advertise there gay? No body cares what you are. But you put it out there every chance you get. Who CARES, NO ONE😝

  3. Rapinoe scored the first of 2 USA points on a penalty kick. Yeah. Compare how the second and deciding goal was netted in terms of fighting off defenders, and single-handedly scoring in spite of getting throttled as she put toe to ball, and you wonder why MR gets all the accolades.

  4. Hope all this crap she’s spewing comes back to bite Her in the ass. She’s saying big Corporations should give them money to make up for what the Guys get and some company gave them each over $20,000 each and then Donald Trump didn’t give them anything? Well why should He, you ignorant piece of crap. All the stuff you’ve said about Him. Are you crazy or just stupid? We are all so sick of You.. Just go away..

  5. Hey moron,bet you and your hoes team mates won’t return the money. Whey don’t you and your scank girlfriends come down to Texas show up at a Rodeo and walk on the flag.we would show you what a bitch butch you really are.

  6. I know alot of gay people. They don’t go around telling everybody every moment they can. This bitch needs to be put in her place. Disgusting POS

  7. If there was no America you wouldn’t be free to be gay, or play soccer, or have freedom of speech. Instead of hating and disrespecting America you should be thanking America! You are a hateful, weak little child acting out for your own fame!

  8. Hey and sue bird are just ass licker. And want everyone to know it’s all female basketball players and soccer player queers. Suck in the bedroom nobody want to know. Fuck US women’s soccer and u want a raise. Shit no just suck for a living

  9. I get it that she can play soccer. I even agree that she’s one of the best players in this batch of players. But she should keep her anti American opinions to herself, or not play for our team. And remember, this “IS” our team. This country, the USA, made her a star. She should thank God she lives here.

  10. I am not trying to take away the amazing accomplishment the women’s soccer TEAM have earned. a few rotten apples shouldn’t spoil the bunch. But I am disappointed in the unsportsmanlike conduct that some of the players have projected during and after their victories. Athletes have to remember they are ROLE MODELS whether they like it or not . I don’t ever remember seeing a classy player like Derek Jeter conduct himself in such a disrespectful way ever, even after winning the World Series. I think I would have to advise my children not to chose ANY athlete that acts in such a disrespectful manner. I am sure there could have been a different way of handling these issues.


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