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A Republican High School Civics Teacher and former NYPD Police Officer from the Bronx named John Cummings has announced that he will be gunning for AOC’s seat in Congress come 2020.

The Hill reported that “Republican John Cummings on Friday announced plans to challenge Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for her seat next year. 

Cummings said in an interview with the New York Post that he was inspired to launch his own congressional bid by Ocasio-Cortez’s long shot run last year.

“But to just come from the outside and take somebody on is really difficult,” Cummings, a 59-year-old civics teacher and former police officer, told the Post. 

“It was pointed out to me by my students that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pretty much made my excuse — and I’ll use their quotes — ‘a lame one,’ ” he added of the former bartender. 

Cummings said he plans to file his paperwork Friday, though the Federal Elections Commission website did not yet show any campaign documents. 

The Bronx Republican Party expressed confidence in Cummings’s campaign, saying he would present an alternative to the democratic socialist incumbent.”

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From New York Post

Bronx resident John Cummings, a Republican and former Harbor Unit cop-turned-high school civics teacher who is mounting a long-shot bid to topple Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez next year.

“But to just come from the outside and take somebody on is really difficult,” Cummings told The Post in an exclusive interview.

The one-time bartender Ocasio-Cortez inspired him to run — for her 14th congressional district seat.

“It was pointed out to me by my students that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pretty much made my excuse– and I’ll use their quotes– ‘a lame one,’” he said.

So the 59-year-old Saint Raymond High School instructor plans to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission Friday to declare his long-odds candidacy as a Republican in a district that Hillary Clinton won by nearly 58 points over Donald Trump in 2016.

The Bronx GOP said Cummings will be an attractive candidate and clear alternative to Democratic socialist Ocasio-Cortez.

“Unlike AOC, John Cummings was born and raised in the district,” said Bronx County Republican Chairman Mike Rendino.

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    • The earlier version of the article that said Cummings was running in 2022 was apparently a typo and has been corrected to read 2020. We all need to send him donations once his campaign or a PAC is set up to accept them.

  1. Some advice.. Do your homework on AOCs backer, she just didn’t pop out of the sky!! Big $ got her where she is .. so you might want to be prepared.. just saying… I wish you all the best !! She absolutely needs to be ousted.. So fight hard.. stand strong and know what your dealing with and you WILL prevail!! 👍I’m not from your district or I would support you.. but I watch all and I am pleased to see an interest to turn blue to red!! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  2. This one and all who think like her does not belong in our government making rules they have studied about and that erases every law and belief system this country has lived and survived with for over 240 years. If its left up to people with her mentality this country will have a terrific downfall. Its time that all truth believing Americans either stand for this country or get the hell out of my way.

  3. Good Luck John Commings, stand tall for our country and you will prevail. Sorry, I am not in your district, but rest assured there are plenty of others that love our flag and this country that will, in fact, support you. Good Luck.

  4. Thank you for being willing to run against AOC. Every day she gets worse – blasts everything even when wrong, which is most of the time. If i were in your district, I would begin campaigning now for you, and would vote for you. Spread the word, folks, he MUST win. Best of Luck from Arizona.

  5. John good luck and know that there are many of us outside your district that would be happy to donate to this endeavor. That goes for the other 3 also.

  6. I Hope and pray you win,but I’m not sure you can because obviously there are some real uneducated voters in that district,heck they voted to put a dumb-bimbo-bartending-socialist in our Congress

  7. I cannot vote for you but I will definitely donate money to help you win. Just got to get that diot dingbat out of office.

  8. NEW PAPER, added 4/2/19, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. David and Leaf are back to demolish this latest creation of the scriptwriters. excerpt:”Remember, the DoD named asteroid23238 after her. (And yes, those numbers add up to 18.) That was their way of appointing her.My guess is she had nothing to do with her research project on nematodes and knows exactly zipabout them. Miles: we get conflicting stories, since Wiki says she attended BU on a full fellowship from theNational Hispanic Institute. Which is it?Next, we’re told AOC served as an intern in the foreign affairs and immigration office underSenator Ted Kennedy. How she landed this coveted internship is anyone’s guess. Incredibly, shewas the only person there who could speak Spanish. So she had to singlehandedly answer allthose phone calls from Hispanic illegals wondering what ICE did with their loved ones. That’swhat gave her such a passion for immigration reform, of course. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.After college, AOC moved back to the Bronx and took on three jobs – educational director,bartender, and waitress – to help her now-widowed mother avoid home foreclosure. Sob, weep,wipe. Only problem is, we’re told her family moved out of the Bronx when she was 5, to ahouse in Yorktown Heights, Westchester County. Yorktown Heights is a wealthy suburb north ofNYC, being 90% white with a median family income around $140,000. How did her mom endup back in the Bronx fighting foreclosure? The question of where she actually lived prior to herelection is still unanswered. Her Statement of Candidacy is no help, since it lists the address ofher campaign committee – a Knoxville, TN address – as her personal address. Illegal. By theway, living in the same state in which you’re running is a minimum requirement enforced by theFederal Election Commission. So double illegal. How did the FEC ever approve her candidacy…”

  9. Praise GOD for your willingness to step up. NOW— TELL THE TRUTH. Do not stoop to their tactics. Full armor of integrity. Humility. kindness and strength.

  10. PLEASE DO. And be ready to be called a racist:
    These morons do not realize that when they weaponize RACE by accusing others as “racist” to bolster their argumentation, diminish an opponent or hide their own self-projection, IT REVEALS THEM AS THE RACISTs! Blatantly, these scum exemplify the definition of a racist that exudes all three of the aforementioned attributes.🤔

  11. Great, I’d back him after this loud mouth do nothing…..not to belittle but my dog could beat her…Remember Amazon that never will be because of mouth. See ya hee haw…

  12. We’re backing you 100%. We can’t vote for you but will contribute to your campaign! Be strong for our country’s sake!!


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